Blast aims to further decentralize its web app using IPFS

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At Blast our goal is clear: to provide users with the best play & earn gaming experience with the power of blockchain. To achieve this, we needed to partner with those who share our vision for the future and help us build a resilient, upgradeable and increasingly decentralized platform.

That’s why we chose to join paths with Protocol Labs and make use of amazing tools like IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol. Its specially designed to improve web speed and security while making it more open. What we loved about it? IPFS purpose: to surpass HTTP and build a better web for all of us to use.

Today´s web is not only inefficient but is also expensive, something that IPFS quickly resolves. How? With substantial bandwidth savings, enhancing the efficiency with which we are capable of distributing large volumes of data.

IPFS help us guarantee a decentralize experience

Using IPFS, Blast hosts its web app on a decentralized network of storage providers. Undeniably it provides us with an easy and reliable way to build our web app on the underlying protocols that power the new Open Web (Internet Computer, IPFS, Filecoin, Fleek, Ethereum). Certainly this os how we can guarantee a decentralized experience with the same performance, resilience, trustlessness, and censorship-resistance benefits.

In two years of work, Fleek has managed to accumulate more than 30,000 sites, 1 million monthly file uploads, reaching more than 40,000 users. (quote or data format)

This is how Fleek boosted Blast

The first thing to note about Fleek is that it is easy to use and low code, which makes it a perfect decentralized alternative to the centralized infrastructure services of the current web. In this sense, we found a reliable ally for energy and data storage needs using Web3 protocols.

In addition, we needed a system that would help us streamline processes and update content hashes automatically. Fleek enabled us with every implementation (deployments). Great CI/CD processes make for great apps!

An extremely important factor for us is support. With Fleek we have the guarantee that the Blast web-app is backed up on its own servers and automatically archived in Filecoin, which is the decentralized storage network of Protocol Labs. This is an additional backup system within the open web, which offers us the tranquility and security that we need and want to offer to our users.

Some design aspects we solved with Fleek

For Blast, Fleek allowed us to squeeze all the potential that Web3 offers, making it the easiest way for us to develop, host, store and power our web app on the open web.

We believe that it is the perfect technology to adopt the transition to the open web. And without experiencing the possible headaches that this can bring. Specially at the development level due to certain technical complexities inherent in the process.

Blast next steps with IPFS and Fleek

Our north star remains to create the best possible play & earn experience for our valued users. Consequently we plan to host all the data of our web app in IPFS with the aim of continuing to decentralize the platform and deepen its transparency.

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