Gaming evolved: Blast is taking Play2Earn into uncharted territory

Blast knows that the satisfaction of winning is what drives gamers. But while beating your high score is fulfilling, nothing compares to winning against friends and challengers.

Well, until now. Because Blast is adding an extra dose of adrenaline to online battles… the chance to put your money where your mouse is, and to prove once and for all that “To the winner go the spoils”!

Blast is a Web3 platform that provides Play2Earn dynamics for any type of game. We connect to on-chain data for a variety of games, enabling decentralized tournaments, challenges and other P2E features for all kinds of gaming experiences.

2021 will be remembered as the year the Play2Earn trend exploded.

Expectation for promising projects like The SandBox and Star Atlas is running high, and we can already see games like Illuvium, Guild of Guardians and others gaining meaningful traction. The year has provided plenty of external validation of a concept that some teams and projects have been working on for the last couple of years. And it is now reflected on key indicators such as monthly revenue, active users and overall growth.

Axie Infinity had greater revenue in 2021 than any DeFi protocol.

The Sandbox LAND sales floor price is 3 ETH.

– Players spend $100 billion each year on in-game items they don’t truly own.

Axie Infinity proves the concept

The Axie Infinity mania played a big role in validating this new concept, in which games powered by NFTs and blockchain mechanics shifted the power and economic gains from the developers and publishers towards the users.

In recent months Axie Infinity generated more revenue than many major DeFi protocols, hitting figures of over $360 million in monthly revenue in August. With over 2 million daily active players, and new promising features released (Katana Dex, RON token and farming) the game is on its way to becoming one of the most powerful and fast growing drivers of crypto adoption.

Around this successful new blockchain use case, a whole ecosystem of scholarships, gaming guilds and extremely active online communities spun up, changing the idea of playing just for fun… to playing for fun and profit. There are also numerous testimonials of people who relied on P2E games to survive through their loss of employment during the pandemic, impacting their lives and incomes substantially.

But something is still missing…

At Blast we believe a key component is missing: the ability to enable Play2Earn features to any gaming experience. To play existing games competitively for fun and earn income at the same time.

Various investment funds, major gaming publishers and other industry leaders are starting to think about their crypto incorporation and engagement strategy. How would Web3 integrate or onboard every game developer and publisher into this fast growing trend? Is every gaming company going to have blockchain developers to jump into the P2E model?

We believe some of them definitely will, some will probably acquire or partner up with crypto-native gaming companies, but others will need the proper infrastructure and services to enable Play2Earn dynamics into their games and franchises.

Blockchains like Ethereum are scaling to enable such use cases, and long-awaited roll-ups, dedicated side-chains and other L2 solutions released beta version and services. Once Axie released the Ronin Network, the impact on growth rate in terms of user adoption was spectacular. It became clear that lowering the barriers to entering a new space completely correlates to generating mainstream appeal.

So where does Blast fit in on the Play2Earn ecosystem? is building a platform for gamers to participate in Web3 native tournaments and challenges for the games they already love to play. We want to allow gamers to monetize their skills and the time they spend playing games. Legacy tournament platforms are often cumbersome and time consuming for participants to use, and players need to trust a centralized settlement and payment process.

Powered by a set of smart contracts and oracles, Blast gives gamers a reliable, friction-less and secure platform to confidently play, compete, and win prizes… by implementing automatic and transparent handling of fair outcome, settlement and fulfillment/payment.

We believe the gaming community will start interacting with Web3 through scenarios they already know and enjoy (i.e Tournaments and Challenges). As we progress through our roadmap, we will incrementally enable different Play2Earn dynamics and integrate them with the biggest games in the industry.

Blast and Play2Earn tournaments

Blast is also an open platform for game developers to integrate and unlock new value for their communities, host tournaments, and generate rewards in the form of tokens and NFTs. We firmly believe this is a better approach for game studios to start experiencing the benefits of Web3 gaming.

Enabling users to monetize their skills and in-game assets without changing their games is our core principle. Not every game will be a good fit for Play2Earn, but almost every game can leverage the power of a decentralized platform to create new player dynamics and closer engagements with their communities.

We are launching in April, stay tuned!