Blast announces a partnership with Koins NFT game

Hi Blasters, today we wanted to officially announce our partnership with Koins, an upcoming PVP-style, play and earn, transmedia racing game where players from all over the world can compete against each other to reach the podium.

Together we will create tournaments with exciting prizes and contests. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to offer both communities a really engaging game with the best tournament technology.

Koins is close to launching the beta of their PVP racing game. We invite all of you to join their social media accounts to be updated with all their information regarding the release of the game.

About Koins

Koins is a PVP-style play and earn racing game, part of a transmedia universe that seeks to expand through web series, podcasts, webcomics and more. The community of players is a key part of this universe, as all their actions have an impact on the narrative events of the universe.

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About Blast

Blast is a platform that allows players to participate in gaming tournaments and challenges, playing and competing for cryptocurrency prizes. We automate everything to provide gamers a smooth and frictionless experience, guaranteed fair resolution and automatic payments.

We aim to be the platform of choice for esports professional tournaments, as well as to integrate into the web3 gaming circuit, giving them a trustful platform with an attractive design where they can create their tournaments. All this allows us to help gamers monetize their skills and the time they spend playing the games they love.

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