Minecraft Killer? Fortnite LEGO and new official game modes

The battle-royale king of gaming Fortnite continues to expand and launches 3 new game modes. Chapter 5 Season 1’s new game modes are permanent. LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival for Fortnite are here to stay.

But the one that is making a lot of noise is the survival LEGO looking mode. It’s attempt to copy Minecraft gameplay and style is unmistakenly evident. Even then, it does a very good job at that. The launch version is already a ton of fun to play and has become popular in an instant.

To put into context, the unofficial tracker Fortnite.gg, is estimating that the new mode has been attracting millions of players each day since its arrival on December 7th.

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Though it is not all the same. There are some clear differences like staying truthful to the Fortnite Unreal Engine 5 esthetic while mixing it with LEGO looking buildings, creatures and items. This in particular can be viewed as its main strength. While you would punch a tree to get started just like in Mojang’s game, we have town levelling system with unique NPCs and even rockets at our disposal.

Fortnite LEGO includes building blueprints to guide players on the resources needed but with a fixed style. This sets a big difference from Minecraft, where everything is a block and allows for more creativity.

By the new year we’ll have a clearer idea of the game’s potential. We will find out if it can outlive the initial hype. So is LEGO Fortnite the Minecraft Killer? Certainly no.

Rocket Racing has managed to attract a considerable amount of players too, but nowhere nearly in comparison. Though Fortnite Festival has potential and is enjoyable, but its song catalog is too little at the moment.

Fortnite has always pushed to become a sort of hub with every collaboration going even beyond gaming. We have witnessed this with events like Travis Scott in-game music show, the screening of a Christopher Nolan movie and so many more. Each day looking more like a multiverse of geek and pop culture. Now with new worthy gaming experiences, EPIC Games could eventually achieve the closest thing to Ready Player One’s OASIS.