GTA VI will arrive on 2025 to new-gen consoles only

The wait is finally over and we got our first look at the next Grand Theft Auto entry. With incredible level of detail and astonishing visuals, we take a sneak peek at a reimagined Vice City. The latest Rockstar Games title would feature a map twice as big as GTA V with 3 major cities and 4 sub-cities according to sources.

We take a look at Leonida state, heavily inspired by Florida. With representative scenery including Miami beaches, wetlands, mud bogs and more.

The trailer features a Bonnie & Clyde resembling couple. However, the spotlight is over Lucia, the first playable female character on a GTA title. We can spot her robbing a bank, doing time in jail and what looks like a pool party on Vice City.

But what really stood out was the expected launch date and platforms. At launch, GTA VI will be arriving during 2025 on PS5 and XBOX latest gen consoles only. This came as a big shock to PC gamers, who found out that the game won’t be available from day 1 on PC. It is expected to become available a year or two after, as it was the case for GTA V.

I am not exaggerating when I say that we could be talking about the biggest game launch ever. The GTA VI trailer amassed nearly 100 million views in 24 hours on YouTube, marking a new record for non-music videos.

It is to be expected for Sony and Xbox to boost sales with a pro version of their consoles as a bundle to come out together with GTA VI. The gameplay looks very promising, but for now we will have to remain hopeful. Check out for more recent videogame launches and more to come here at Blast’s blog.