Faker’s redemption: a legendary decade at the top

Imagine you thrive to become the best League of Legends player on the planet. To make it a reality, you need to win on the biggest stage. Imagine you not only make the impossible, but lift World’s trophy 4 times over an entire decade still by the same organization. Few players in the esports industry can be compared next to the achievements of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

For the very first time in his home, The Unkillable Demon King made history and ensured the GOAT status for himself for years to come. The only player to amass 4 titles showed incredible form against Weibo Gaming. China vs South-Korea, a duel of fate went down on Seoul. However, the Bo5 was swiftly taken over by T1 with a whooping 3-0.

A total of 6.4 M viewers watched simultaneously (peak viewers without counting China) the home team’s rise to world champions. Not only has it been a story about newfound victory, but redemption: 2022’s win eluded Faker as he fell 3-2 against DRX in an emotionally crushing series.

Faker dedicated this win to his teammates, emended himself and restored his absolute confidence as the very best. Still bound to T1, here’s what he had to say after his latest conquest: “I’ve been learning a lot and growing throughout my pro gaming career. This isn’t an experience anyone can have, so I’ll keep on working hard and think about retiring later on”.