Starfield: The Bethesda experience takes on a galactic scale

It is no wonder that some games have trouble living up to the hype they generate before launch. As of right now, the most awaited title is called Starfield and it’s just 3 months away. Bethesda’s ambitious new single-player RPG promises to fulfill all sci-fi lovers’ dreams. Presented as an experience without limits of exploration, Bethesda pride themselves on their latest creation.

In the latest Xbox showcase, it was revealed that Starfield will be arriving September 6th. It will not only carry a unique storyline based on player choices across the universe, but include a wide list of gameplay features: customization from ships and remote bases to every character detail, a unique skill system, combat system and resource gathering.

During the Starfield Direct at the end of the showcase, Bethesda devs put the emphasis on free exploration. Your next destination is solely up to you. Ranging from resource heavy planets free for the taking, wild and lushing wildlife or established zones with a lot of promising characters ready to take you on your next adventure.

As one would expect from a galactic scaled civilization, there are many factions. You can find the classic good guys, space cowboys, pirates, big corporations and even make contact with an unknown organization.

To take it back, there is no doubt that the game is as ambitious as it shows much promise. Even if get to explore more than 100 planets, it is as important that these don’t feel like hollow experiences. It seems very challenging to produce a game that can generate enough encounters and opportunities. And to do so on an open world universal scaled playground that can be traversed all the way through.

Whatever the case, this space-focused RPG game is just a few months away and has been in the making for long enough (hopefully). Will it live up to the hype or will it flop day 1? You will find it available for Xbox Series S/X and PC on launch.