Claim: How to withdraw prizes from Blast

When you win a prize in Blast, you will see it reflected in “Your Earnings” on the home page and you can claim it under the “My Tournaments” section.

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You will find the Claim button in the tournaments where you have won a prize position. When you press claim a window will appear asking you to connect your Metamask account to access the wallet where the prize will be deposited.

Remember that you will be able to send crypto from the wallet to your preferred exchange to be able to dispose of the prize. If you don’t have a Metamask account yet, you will need to create one and install the extension to your browser or through the mobile app. If you need more information on how Metamask works, we invite you to check our blog and the official website.

Once you connect your wallet to Blast, a new modal will appear to notify you that the transaction is in progress, you can wait a moment or close it and in a matter of seconds, the window will change to confirm the transaction or you will see that the “Claim” button will now spell “Claimed”. You will be able to confirm that you have successfully claimed the prize by clicking on the Metamask extension, which will display your updated balance information.

Don’t know how to make use of your prizes? You can read Understanding Crypto Exchanges and Digital Wallets where we explain and guide you through the process in a few easy to follow steps. If you still have any doubts you can ask us on Discord, we will be happy to solve your doubts so you can claim what belongs to you.