Blast’s platform redesign and new architecture is LIVE!

Home to automated gaming tournaments of different titles, Blast is ever-growing and looking to offer the best experience! And what a better time to bring changes than the start of a new year. After the continuous hard work of the dev team, we have finally introduced the new Blast platform redesign and architecture. Not only offering a more polished look, but presenting new features for all Blasters convenience!

From look and style to new animations and features, you can enjoy browsing all available and upcoming tournaments with ease and even more detailed information. There are many additions, but we want to focus on three of them specifically. If this is your first time here you can read more about Blast and how to compete in web3 tournaments.

The Sidebar is here!

Want to see the tournaments for a specific game? We got you covered with the new sidebar! You will be able to filter and browse on whichever title you prefer. Next to each title you will find another column to access different spaces: “Tournaments”, “Games” and Blast’s FAQ section. As we keep expanding so will the sidebar and our catalogue.

Upgraded cards with detailed information

You may have already realized that the new tournament cards offer every bit of information you need to know about. From the competition’s specific title and prize pool, to amount of players registered, and most importantly, status. The redesign and architecture allowed adding different colors highlight different states: when it’s starting, if it’s already active or upcoming or finished.

Status Bar

At Blast there is no room for confusion: Know exactly the tournament’s step by step status and its current phase. Starting with “Registration” to “playing”, “Finished” state and last but definitely not least important, “Paid”.

Reminders: Never miss a date with Blast again

We have successfully integrated Google, Apple and Microsoft Outlook calendars. You can simply link your account and generate reminders automatically every time you register to a new Blast competition. One thing less to worry about! As we probably mentioned already, Blast is all about bettering the user experience.

However, 2023 has only just begun and we are adding new features and integrating new games continuously! We set sail for a new journey with many set goals and its own challenges. You’ll find them here in our blog and will definitely come across them while competing at

An important remark is that we are always looking to improve and every Blaster helps us make Blast the best it can be. We’d love to hear your thoughts about our latest version, so make sure to join us at our Discord and share your experience with us at the #feedback channel. If you haven’t already, come join us and become part of our community! Start competing and earning in the process, but no rush… we are not going anywhere!