What is Blast and how to compete in web3 tournaments

If you are not yet part of our growing community and are wondering what is Blast, in this article we will tell you in detail why this is the best time for you to join our family and start competing, demonstrating your skills and winning prizes. A fantastic experience powered by blockchain.

Blast is the premier platform for web3 esports and gaming tournaments, with a strong focus on the user experience. It offers accessible and easy-to-apply solutions to many of the recurring problems that users encounter when competing in tournaments, which can reduce the enjoyment of the play and earn experience.

Blast enhances users experience

One of the main problems that can be a turn-off for users is the long wait times (sometimes even months) to receive payments and rewards earned in tournaments. Additionally, many platforms apply high fees to earnings, which can significantly reduce the amount of the prize. These types of issues can ruin the gaming experience and go against the nature of web3.

This is why Blast operates differently to avoid these issues. How does Blast work? It collects data from users’ games using APIs, which allows it to automate payment processes for each prize through fair resolution. What benefit does Blast offer to players? The ability to compete and receive their prizes instantly thanks to the power of blockchain technology.

Tournaments and automated processes

Blast implements automated processes as one of its main differentiators. We have focused on improving the user experience by developing a system that makes it much easier and more manageable, with the ability to update standings without intervention using APIs, giving users less time managing and more time playing.

In addition, Blast allows for the identification of unique users through their gaming accounts, significantly reducing the possibility of cheating in tournaments and making the experience much more transparent, fair, and web3.

Also, at Blast we offer tournaments to our users all the time, and we are constantly adding more games and challenges, creating a growing and committed community. In these guides, you can learn how to compete in each of Blast’s tournaments.

We invite you to join our community on Discord and participate in the Blast conversation.