How to compete in Koins NFT tournaments

In this guide we’ll learn the steps of how to compete in Koins NFT tournaments in Blast. If you don’t have a Blast account yet, read this one first.
But first things first, Koins is an amazing game in which players can buy, trade, and compete in races with their Koins in different trackuariums! In order to enter a tournament, players need to buy at least one Koin to be able to join.

Let’s see how the tournament detail looks like for a Koins tourney.

Koins tournament header. This header shows an example of how to compete in Koins NFT at Blast

One thing to keep in mind, is that in this case the prize pool and the entry fee are in different tokens. Prize pool will typically be in a stable coin, while the entry fees are to be paid with Koins own token Kuzushi (KUZ). Let’s see how to join a Koins tournament once we have everything we need: our Koins and KUZ for the entry fee.

Joining a Koins tournament step by step

When we click the Join button on the page, a modal comes up:

Join Tournament modal of how to compete in koins nft tournaments

This modal details the prize pool, its token and the entry fee. Keep in mind that the first time we enter one of this tournaments, we need to approve Blast to spend KUZ in our behalf. As usual we can opt-in to approve any amount checking the box. When we click Join, another modal comes up, this time, to select our Koins!

Koins selection modal of how to compete in koins nft tournaments

In this tournaments, we can choose to Join as many Koins as we want, and we can do that all at once, or choose a Koin now, and then Join with some more Koins after. In this modal we simply pick the Koins that we want to compete, and click Approve. Keep in mind that the entry fee is for every Koin that we want to use.
For example in this case if the fee is 10 KUZ and I want to use all my Koins in the tournament, I would need a total of 30 KUZ to do it. After clicking Approve, our wallets will prompt us to sign the transaction, and that’s it, we are in!

Leaderboard and tournament rules

All we need to do now is go run some races in the game! Blast automatically logs the results to rank the Koins in the leaderboard.

Example leaderboard

As you see in the leaderboard, our Koins are highlighted and our scores appear in the last column of the table. We can see more details clicking in each row.
If we scroll down, the next section explains the rules, scoring and prizes of the particular tournament.

Rules section of the app

As usual in Blast tournament pools, once the tournament period ends the top positions receive a percentage of the prize pool automatically. In the case of Koins you might be wondering what happens if you sell or rent your Koin during the tournament. Well, once the tournament finishes, the current owner of the Koin will receive the prize pool, regardless of who joined the Koin to the tournament.

That’it, have fun competing in Koins NFT tournaments!

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