How to create your Blast account

1. To create your Blast account, head to and choose a Sign-in method.

You can sign-in to the app using a web3 wallet such us Metamask, or a variety of social sign-in options.

2. The first time you Sign-in to Blast, a modal screen will pop-up.

Here you’ll need to choose a Nickname which is unique in our app, and agree to our Terms and Conditions, then just click Next. Of your chosen nickname is already taken, you’ll need to choose a different one.

3. The next step to create your Blast account is connecting your gaming accounts for the different games available.

You’ll be redirected to your Profile section, you can always come back here clicking at the top right corner button where you’ll see your new nickname.
On this Profile page you’ll see your activity, earnings and more.

In here you’ll see your wallet address, the nickname you chose, and you can optionally include and email and your Discord handle. You can also upload a picture or avatar.

In order to connect your gaming accounts, you’ll need to provide your user info depending on the games you want to play in Blast.

Keep in mind that user IDs are different for each game. In this example in order to compete in Warzone tournaments you’ll need to connect your Activision Id. For PUBG it will depend on the platform. For instance if you play the game in PS4, you’ll need to choose the PSN platform and include your PS4 User ID. You’ll find specific user-guides for each game in this blog. If you encounter any issues you can always reach out in our support channels in Discord.

Verify your accounts and we’re ready to go!