Meet Ephere Football: The gaming blockchain experience dedicated to football fans

In Ephere Football you can build your own football club, climbing to the top of a league system while winning crypto prizes.

Players (Ephereals) are NFT, They have mental and physical attributes, trainable football skills that are capped by genetic and distinctive visual properties. They gain experience by playing matches, can train to improve their abilities, and they can also get tired, grow old, and retire… they’re alive.

It is a free-to-play game. To start competing, you are given 11 players and EPH 3500 (internal token).

First steps on Ephere Football

  • Create your team and claim your free 11 players (Ephereals).
  • Play a pick-up game (friendly) to learn how to plan the strategy (lineup and tactics) and how to make changes in real-time during the matches.
  • Use your first EPH 3500 (internal token) to improve your team in the Market, temporarily hiring players from other teams.
  • Once registered in the Ephereal Blast Cup tournament, review the fixture and save the lineup of your matches.
  • Finally, take a look at the FAQ and video tutorial to know all the details and answer any questions: player life and rarity, NFT players, our internal token, training sessions, youth recruitment, La Liga NFT, and much more.

Ephereal Blast Cup tips

  • Watch the match live and interact with your team (instructions, lineup and tactics changes, and substitutions), or let it play automatically. In any of the two scenarios we recommend you plan and save the strategy of each match in advance. In this way, you will increase the mental performance of your team by 10%. If you don’t, the lineup will be defined randomly and the players will become demotivated due to a lack of strategy, reducing all their attributes by 50% during that match.
  • Take care of the energy of your players and don’t schedule training sessions close to tournament matches, you must have at least 7 players available and with energy to play your league match. If not, your team does not show up and you lose with a 0–3 score.
  • If you registered in Ephere Football with social login (social network or Google account), you must follow these steps to sign up in Blast and in the tournament.