How to compete in Ephere Football tournaments

In this guide we’ll learn the steps of how to compete in Ephere Football tournaments in Blast. If you don’t have a Blast account yet, read this one first. The Spanish version of this user guide is also available for your language of choice. You may also read our introductory blog post to the game here.

Let’s see how the tournament detail looks like for an Ephere football tourney:

In the detail header you can find the prize pool of each tournament leaderboard, and the timer for the different phases of the tournament (Registration, Duration, Finish Time).

Before the next step make sure you have connected your metamask to the platform.

When you click the Join button on the page, a modal will come up:

After you click Join, Metamask will pop-up to confirm the transaction. This is the final step of the registration, and when you send the transaction to the blockchain you’ll see a ‘pending’ status. We keep that for a couple of minutes to check if the transaction went well, and we’ll confirm the registration if everything went fine.

Here you can opt to add the event to a calendar, or simply close the window. And that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

1. I have an account created in Blast with a different wallet than the one I created in Ephere Football and I get an error when I register for the tournament. What should I do?

In order to register correctly in the tournament you must make sure you use the same wallet for both your Blast account and the one you use in Ephere Football. This way, you will be able to register for the tournament without any problems.

2. I get the error: “There was an error connecting to the tournament. Invalid division. Please check your division in the Ephere account and try again”. What should I do?

You should check which leaderboard your team is in Ephere Football and sign up for the Blast tournament that corresponds to that leaderboard. You can only sign up in the corresponding leaderboard, otherwise the error will persist.