What is play and earn?

Let’s start with a simple definition. Play and earn refers to a category of games and platforms powered by blockchain. What you should always consider when you come across the play and earn concept is that it is based on a player-owned economy through in-game assets, typically represented by tokens and NFTs.

If you want to know what play and earn games are and their economy, we recommend you visit this article, where we go through the concepts of in-game value and ownership.

Play-and-earn games offer users the ability to generate a source of income simply by playing. This is the philosophy behind Blast, which is a play and earn platform, offering gamers the ability to earn rewards for spending time playing their favorite video games.

Tokens & NFTS role in play and earn games

Generally, a player is rewarded with tokens, and occasionally NFTs or new utilities, earning a larger amount the longer they play. The logic behind it is that simple.

Another characteristic of these games, although it depends a lot on the mechanics and stories of each game, is that the tokens earned are usually necessary as part of the “crafting” process in the game.

Many players prefer this token-based method of choosing a game, for the ability to acquire (win) it while constantly playing. The other way to play is through NFTs that are distributed randomly and can be bought in special markets.

The play-and-earn model is especially popular among users in low-income countries or in societies with large economic gaps, since they represent an alternative, or a complement, to fixed income and a way to generate extra earnings.

If you want to start experiencing this gaming modality, we invite you to participate in a Blast tournament in which you can play, compete with friends and peers and earn rewards while doing it.

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