CS2 is out: the dawn of a new era!

It happened! Valve finally launched CS2 for free on the Steam platform. After months of speculation the new entry has finally arrived. Counter-Strike is finally running on a Source 2 engine.

Valve dropped the bomb with a very nostalgic video reliving some of Counter-Strike biggest moments through the years. The evolution of the FPS game that defined an industry reminded us that CS2 is here to leave a mark. The actual and next generation will make new history on this playground. Rules have changed, the game has adapted and upgraded.

It’s been 12 years since the arrival of CS:GO. A game that represented a bigger transition in comparison to its predecessors, be it 1.6 or Source. This time around, the esports scene is SO much bigger and every tweak to CS is highly discussed.

It remains true that CS2 isn’t ready to guarantee competitive integrity. And even so, ESL will switch to the new title in the middle of Pro League. More organizers will follow and move to the new hot thing, but players will have a harder time because of it.

This is meant to be temporary since updates are dropping most days now that CS2 has opened the gates and became flooded. Labeled as “The biggest technical improvement in the history of the franchise”, all this improvements demand polish and even more attention to detail from the dev team.

We will probably experience a turbulent period of things not working as intended, players exploiting game flaws and more. This is all part of a necessary process to fine-tune CS2 into the game that it sets out to be.