VALORANT Premier: From team ranked to pro, the beta is live!

Have you ever wondered if your team has what it takes to face the very best? Riot Games’ FPS long awaited feature ‘Premier’ will give you the answer. This new mode that presents exciting opportunities for upcoming talents to test themselves against rivals of equal footing has launched its beta. That’s not all: the very best will ascend beyond the Radiant rank

It consists of three phases: Enrollment, competing in ranked play weekly, a defining tournament in search of a champion. Players will be seeded into 1 of 20 divisions in their region according to the average MMR of the team’s top five players.

The highest level of play in VALORANT is experienced through premade teams battling it out with the highest stakes on the line. What exactly is on the line? VALORANT Premier is the new road to pro. Yes, you heard it right! The very best will have a chance to compete against VCT regional teams and climb their way into an actual professional league.

This should definitely help towards the rise up of upcoming and promising prospects to the most competitive sphere. As a side effect, it should breed new life to the game with new and returning players looking to test themselves. What do you think about this fresh new in client built feature? Let us know on Blast’s Discord.