Axie Blast Cup: On our way to our 3rd edition

Since Blast integrated Axie Infinity Origin we’ve had an incredibly positive response from the community. Our Pro-Players Training competition in preparation for AxieCon was a resounding success as we collaborated with Cryptocitypress and caught the attention of big talents, who were most pleased with our clean and smooth platform and system.

Therefore, we announced the Axie Blast Cup as soon as we had the opportunity. This new series of competitions offers players the chance to test their skills weekly and fight for a $USDT 150 total prize pool. We are already on our way to host our 3rd Blast Cup!

But that’s not all! The top players will qualify for the Blast Cup Grand Finals with $AXS 500 on the line. Finals will take place once our six editions come to an end. There, we will witness the clash of the highest skilled competitors. The first two editions have already taken place and showed us great potential with MeatValue and Paradyze taking the big win home for the QU3ST guild!

Axie Infinity Tournament leaderboard

How to join a Blast Cup?

If you haven’t had the chance yet, our 3rd Blast Cup will be the perfect time to join in and aim to qualify for the grand finals. You can find all you need to know to take part in the competition through our User Guide.

We will be waiting for you at our Discord Server. There, we actively coordinate and keep in touch with users and players for everything related to the online event.

But our Discord isn’t just a place to prepare to compete: it is the Blast community hub, where users are free to debate, share common interests and meet new people.

As we look to go even further, we are most pleased with the current results of collaborating with Cryptocitypress once again. The Axie community continues to offer us feedback and guide us on the right path with nothing but interest and optimism for all that is yet to come.