MK 1 and Riot’s Project L: New contenders join the fight!

Kicking it off with Street Fighter VI‘s mid-year launch, the fighting game community feel like they get to explore an entire new chapter for the genre: Mortal Kombat 1 is practically here and Project L has already provided a playable version to the public at EVO.

Mortal Kombat 1 looks to “reset lore” through Liu Kang’s efforts as a keeper of time crafting a new era of piece. This is a truly special entry for NetherRealm Studios, having gone full circle and back to Midway Games’ original goal. As it moves around relationships, conflicts and character backgrounds; Jean-Claude Van Damme gets to become Johny Cage after 30 years.

Riot Games broadens its horizons as it has done so already through VALORANT‘s success. It also had a go with the digital collectible card game genre through Legends of Runeterra. Now, their efforts are directed to a promising fighting game known by “Project L“. Carrying the universe of League of Legends over, making your favourite champions have a go at each other.

Project L looks to stand out with a unique tag-team fighter style. Encounters go down in a 2v2 format where you can either play both of your characters or split the burden with a friend. The game gives the tag-team system a big priority as a core element that makes its combat unique. It also opens up a door for duos competition. You will be able to 1v1, 2v2 or even 1v2.

While we all want them to succeed and open new opportunities for the FGC, it is still too early to jump to conclusions. Will they be able to captivate new players to the genre? Will they set new foundations for high profile competitions?

There is certainly a lot of thought and effort put into them. Stick around and find out if this is indeed a new chapter or just a big flop.