Potter: The first woman to ever win VALORANT Champions

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Last Saturday, the North-American organization Evil Geniuses wrote new VALORANT history for the region after a 3-1 Grand Finals victory against Paper Rex. EG managed to take revenge after a 2-1 defeat against them in the Winner’s Bracket Finals. This was how Christine “Potter” Chi became the first woman to raise the biggest trophy.

The Evil Geniuses’ coach who was once under fire for lacking performances at the beginning of the regional league, managed one of the most impressive comebacks the esport has witnessed. With the arrival of duelist player Demon1 and by a stroke of faith qualified to NA playoffs after MIBR’s unexpected victory over 100Thieves, EG turned things around. Not only did they qualify to Tokio’s Masters, but managed to become the event’s runner up after losing to Fnatic.

It was at VALORANT Champions where Potter’s coaching capabilities truly shined together with the EG squad. Her victory is cheered by all, signifying a big step forward for all women looking to make it to the big leagues. It is Riot Games hope that female VALORANT circuit, Game Changers, one day becomes unnecessary. Once women and minorities can become a part of the circuit and compete at the highest level. Many of them may already have the skill required but lack the opportunity.

Potter’s coaching skills and likeable personality have granted her a huge fanbase. She is practically considered the 6th player of the EG squad. Her role and direction has proven elemental to their success.

A new milestone for women in esports on the biggest stage translates to huge inspiration and motivation for upcoming talents. Bit by bit, we are getting there. It is a matter of time and many steps forward ahead.